Provincetown’s ‘Shoulder Season.’ It usually starts off pretty darn slow, but by May, things are picking up and seasonal restaurants are back open.  It’s a great time to visit Cape Cod. The weather is warmer but not actually beach weather, so it’s a great time to explore town and do the things that you don’t want to do when it is 80 degrees and glorious (think: museums, shopping, that sort of thing).  It can also be miserably rainy and cold—there, you’ve been warned—but don’t worry, there’s plenty of indoor activities to be had. The best part about May?  My FAVE restaurants and haunts are back open again so it’s time to indulge in those tasty vittles we have been craving all. Winter. Long.  Hoorah!  Here are five yummy reasons to get to Ptown this month.  Bring your appetite (and your sweet tooth)!

Reason 1: A Great Meal for $35

Cape Cod Restaurant Week is going on NOW (May 15 – 21).  The Red Inn, Spindler’s and The Pointe are all participating with a fixed three-course menu for $35 per person.  A great way to try some new restaurants.

Reason 2: Donuts

Donuts.  Ice Cream.  Coffee.  What a heavenly combination, right?!  Want a donut decorated like a kitty?  How about piled high with marshmallows and chocolate like the s’more of your dreams? Happy Camper on Commercial Street just opened for the season two weeks ago and they’re making up for lost time.  Yay for the rest of us!

Reason 3: Cookies

If cupcakes and cookies are more your style, Relish is open for the summer season.  Their confections are almost (almost!) too pretty to eat.  But oh, are they worth it.  Plus, they’re on the way to the beach!  P.S. They’ve also got delicious sandwiches but what can I say? They aren’t nearly as fun as the cookies!

Reason 4: Cocktails

While I am obviously partial to the vibe here at Shipwreck Lounge (and oh, how I missed those Tiki Tuesdays!), I do occasionally venture elsewhere.  If I do, Aquabar is my next choice.  Creative cocktails plus one of the most beautiful views in the world, IMHO.  Perfect combination.  And they’re open now too.

Reason 5: Ice Cream

Nothing says “hello, summer!” here on Cape Cod better than the mass reopening of the ice cream shops in May every year.  If you’ve been to Ptown before, you’ve probably been to Lewis Brothers—they’re the classic, homemade, can’t miss spot.  But have you checked out I Dream of Gelato?  If not, you should. Even if it’s pouring rain and raw and 40 degrees out.  Especially if it’s pouring rain and raw and 40 degrees out. They’ve even got vegan and dairy-free options (and I don’t mean like one or two flavors, I mean like a whole legit menu).  YUM.