Yes, it’s officially fall now. The solstice came and went. Apparently no one told the tourists though, because visitors have still been pouring into town in droves. But not in bad way. It is much quieter. And let’s not talk about our crazy weather. It went from 80s and humid to 60s and, well, not in 24 hours. Makes clothing decisions challenging. I’m thankful for the switch to cooler climes. Makes sleeping with the windows open a delightful treat – as long as you’ve got someone to snuggle with!

As summer slips away, we grab at whatever we can to hold on. Plenty still to do before the “hunkering down” starts, right! Here’s what I’m doing the next couple months before I’m cooped up and too bored, wet, and cold to even go outside for coffee.


Be it a whale watch, a schooner, a yacht, a charter fishing boat—I don’t care. Just get me out on the water one more time! I love it when it’s cool and we have to bundle up with sweaters and blankets on deck…again, great snuggling opportunities here, people!


I could eat ice cream all year long, I don’t care if it’s too cold for it to actually melt. But Columbus Day is closing time for a lot of the seasonal ice cream shops in town and let’s face it, they are way more fun than a pint of Ben & Jerry’s from Stop & Shop. Gotta get me one last scoop!


This time of year, every dip in the ocean starts to feel more and more like a polar bear plunge. It’s invigorating, that’s for sure! Gotta get a full taste of that salty water, in my hair, on my lips, and on my skin cause the memory has to hold me over all winter.


NO, no need to worry about the sunsets—they are just as glorious in winter as they are in summer! But let’s face it, we can never get enough of them!