There’s definitely a strong argument to be made that fall is THE BEST time to visit Provincetown (or the rest of Cape Cod, for that matter). Just as an example, the past two weeks have been dominated by glorious weather: abundant sunshine, temperatures in the 70s, with not a cloud in the sky. The crowds disperse. Traffic lessens. There’s still plenty of buzz around but it’s not quite so chaotic. And if you are paying attention, you just might notice something akin to relief in the faces of the waitstaff, business owners, and service folks you encounter. Yes, we made it through another summer season! Everyone literally has a chance to stop and catch their breath. It’s downright relaxing! So that’s where I stop. I don’t need any additional reasons, do you? Ok, fine. Here are a few:


PAAM has three new exhibitions up through the middle of October. Two of them highlight their wonderful permanent collection with one show devoted to abstraction and another to a recent acquisition of drawings, watercolors, and diaries by Edward and Josephine Hopper. The second annual Ptown Book Festival (September 15-16),hosted by the Provincetown Public Library, will feature authors Sebastian Junger, National Book Award winner Julia Glass, and Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russos.


The Tennessee Williams Theater Festival packs tons of international plays into a four-day event from September 21-24. The Provincetown Theater has performances running in September and October. The newly renovated Fisherman Hall is hosting performances through the fall, including comedian James Judd.


PTown’s nightlife keeps pumping through the fall. The Tea Dances go strong until the end of October (with a kicking Halloween party to end the season).  Shipwreck Lounge continues its lineup of Mellow Mondays, TIki Tuesdays, and Rewind Wednesdays and also has two special parties coming up: the Gay Pilots Welcome Party Sept 14 (during Gay Pilots Cape Cod Classic Weekend).  and the Single Women’s Mixer on October 11 (during Women’s Week 2017). But for the biggest party of the fall, you can count on Halloween!