“Where Cape Cod Warmth Meets Provincetown Cool,” Commercial Street is home to numerous specialty shops, art galleries, eclectic gift shops, fine jewelry stores and dining establishments.

The best shopping on the Cape awaits visitors on famed Commercial Street. Here you will find an eclectic mix of stores ranging from t-shirt and souvenir shops to high end art galleries and jewelry stores. There is an ever changing shuffle of retail shops as new ones come while others go, and old faithfuls change locations to bigger and better digs making part of the fun discovering the street all over again. While pursuing the stores and doing a little window shopping, be sure to indulge in an ice cream cone, saltwater taffy, delicious fudge, or perhaps all three from one of the many tasty treat shops lining Commercial Street.

Art Galleries

Provincetown is America’s oldest art colony. Not only will you find art, good art, in Provincetown’s museums and art galleries, but everywhere you go ~ Town Hall, Provincetown Public Library, guest houses, restaurants and banks. A “must do” is the Friday night Gallery Stroll.  In season the galleries throw the doors open to everyone who wants to see what makes Provincetown as vibrant artistically as it was a hundred years ago.  Many of the galleries serve complimentary wine for visitors.