Breeze into Adventure

What could be more relaxing and romantic than sailing out of Provincetown harbor on a beautiful Cape Cod day? To me, there’s nothing that can top the tranquility of sea and sail. This is precisely why I’ve taken some time to detail a few local operations offering everything from single day charters to multi-day excursions. What are you waiting for? Grab your significant other and make plans before all of our warm weather vanishes.

Moment Sailing – Set sail aboard Moment, a 47′ Stevens yacht that has been tastefully outfitted with consideration to guest comfort and safety. The Moment offers 2, 4 and 6 hour sails out of Provincetown harbor and can be booked for multi-day adventures around the Cape. The best part? They offer a chef-prepared food service that can be customized. This is the perfect sized boat for comfortably navigating the waters of Provincetown and Cape Cod. All you need to do is bring the drinks and sail away with the memories.

Sailing Schooner Hindu – This wooden schooner has been at sea for 90 incredible years and currently spends time between Provincetown and Key West. The Hindu and experienced crew can be booked for day sails, sunset sails (bring a bottle of wine) and private charters. If you want the quintessential wooden boat sailing experience….this is it!

Sail Cape Cod – Journey from Macmillan Pier aboard one of the largest schooners in Cape Cod Bay. The Bay Lady II is well appointed, graceful and accommodating to those wishing to bring large groups (41 person capacity) out for a spectacular sail. The schooner is owner operated by Captain Bob Burns and well suited for private parties. Want to treat your wedding party to something special?  Give them a call.

Stay salty!