We will start with the obvious: I’m a woman.  A hetero one. So, I suppose my insight into what makes a great men’s apparel store is somewhat limited to the fact that I am often stealing my husband’s clothes…and purchasing things for him so that I can steal them at some point in the future. But here’s what I do know: the shopping on Commercial Street is the best on the Cape. With the exception of an outlier here and there (Puritan in Hyannis, for example), if you are looking for menswear, Ptown is the place to go.  Next time you’re in town, don’t miss these Commercial Street shops (it’s not a complete list, but hey, I had to stop somewhere!):


I remember wandering into this shop back in the 80s, when I was kid visiting Ptown with my family. Shops come and go frequently in Ptown. To stick around this long, you have to be doing something right. Sexy, high quality (and therefore, a bit pricey) clothes—a head-to-toe one-stop shop.

Henry & Co.

Forget shopping for my husband—I always find the coolest kicks, hats, and backpacks here. I want to buy them all.

Kenneth Scott

A relative newcomer to Commercial Street (I think this is their second season). A fresh crop of nautical prep style. Again, I guess it’s a given but great brands, high quality, fun colors.


Classy clothes with a preppy, nautical flare. Sweaters, bags, polos, button-downs, shorts—another spot for a fun, head-to-toe dress-me-up game.


Folks RAVE about this place. A favorite Ptown shop for many. Amazing clothes. Classic style with an 80s punk twist.

Coffey Men

A one-man operation, with everything made here on the Cape. Particularly known for his fab belts, hip t-shirts, and retro flare (think velour zip polos).


With a pop-mod aesthetic all its own, this shop has everything, home décor, apparel, art. But the custom-designed and printed t-shirts are the highlight. Want a t-shirt that everyone back home will compliment you on? Stop here.